AP PR-200 – Compatible Electrolysis


The professional choice for control and dosing. The integrated panels based on AP PR Series controllers provide the best authentically ‘plug&play’ solution, preassembled on a panel. There are versions to control pH, ORP and FREE CHLORINE in the water. In addition, they are 100% compatible with saline electrolysis systems.
Our range of controllers provide practically unlimited possibilities, as all our equipment has been designed for integrated work, such as a single communication protocol. This enables the simple integration of third-party devices, as it uses the Modbus protocol, one of the most widely used open network protocols on the market. AP PR-200 equipment is compatible with the Easy Salt, ProChlore Salt, Nature Salt and Neolysis ranges. It is also the recommended professional solution to control several electrolysis systems at the same time with a single regulator-controller panel (multiple control through the TRI kit).

Code Description
60359 AP PR-206 pH/ORP
60359-KIT TRI AP PR-204 pH/ORP + integrated TRI KIT
60361 AP PR-207 pH/Cl2 PPM
60361-KIT TRI AP PR-207 pH/Cl2 PPM + integrated TRI KIT
60362 AP PR-204 Cl2 PPM
60362-KIT TRI AP PR-204 Cl2 PPM + integrated TRI KIT
70338 TRI kit, 3-unit simultaneous control

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