Aqua Stop | 1.5 Kg Can | PM 660 | HS Code: 29239000 | Brand: Piscimar | Origin: Spain

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This is a specially formulated product that works as a sealant to fill small leaks inside pools and circulation pipes or fittings (inlets, drains, etc.). The concentrated viscous liquid can be added directly into the skimmer or at the mouth of an inlet. Once it mixes in the water and comes in contact with the air found at the leak, it solidifies.


  1. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Turn off the pool pump and turn the handle on the MPV to by-pass/recirculate position. You cannot let the liquid pass through the filter media.
  2. Add 1 L/75m3 into the skimmer/inlet
  3. Wait for 40 minutes then run the pump on the by-pass position for 8 hours
  4. Turn it off, take note of the water level and check again after 24 hours
  5. If there is an improvement, return the filter to normal and switch on the pump

*Large pools may be required to repeat this process


  • Only applicable for pools with solid backing (concrete/fiberglass/liner) will not work for above-ground (Intex/Bestway)
  • Do NOT allow the product to pass through the filter as this will clog the sand/glass media damaging the filter.
  • If the water level is reducing less than 1 tile line every 2 days, the leak can be considered small and Aqua-Stop may be used to treat it.
  • This is a supportive product only. If the leak issue is not resolved after the first or second attempt, the size of the leak is much larger and requires professional treatment.
  • Applicable to pores up to 3mm in diameter, if the leak is larger or if there are several, the effectiveness of this product will greatly reduce.
  • Swimming is allowed only after 24 hours of adding this product
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