Components polyester pools – Embellisher + Base


The embellishers and the base are proposed separately for greater flexibility and productivity for manufacturers of polyester pools.

The pre-installation of the bases in the factory allows a quicker installation at the clients’ house and easier interventions when necessary.

These solutions are made up of a base with code 74179 and embellishers:

Side drain nozzle – code 74121-0001

Interchangeable discharge nozzle – code 49754

Exchangeable suction nozzle – code 72672

The embellishers are available in white and their color versions – light gray, beige and anthracite.

The 74179 base is also compatible with LumiPlus FlexiRapid projectors.

Code equivalences:

. The codes 74121-0001 + 74179 are equivalent to set code 74121.

. Codes 72672 + 74179 are equivalent to Set Code 00336.

. Codes 49754 + 74179 are equivalent to Set Code 00334.


. Product 72672 is supplied with a lid.



49754Interchangeable return inlet – Color White
49754CL090Interchangeable return inlet – Color Beige
49754CL129Interchangeable return inlet – Color Light grey
49754CL144Interchangeable return inlet – Color Anthracite
72672Interchangeable suction nozzle- Color White
72672CL090Interchangeable suction nozzle- Color Beige
72672CL129Interchangeable suction nozzle- Color Light grey
72672CL144Interchangeable suction nozzle- Color Anthracite
74121-0001Side drain inlet – Color White
74179Kit Base and nut – Connection to the base Ø50 mm, 2 ”nut

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