The panels in the CONTROLER range as systems that are fully equipped and assembled. There are therefore ideal for use in water treatment.

Their simple, compact design makes installation and start‑up extremely easy.

They come with all of the components and accessories required for rapid assembly. All assemblies are made of PVC sheets, in various sizes depending on the model.

General technical features

•     Range of available sizes depending of the probe selected.

•     Range available for free chlorine: 0‑2, 0‑5 0‑10, 0‑20 and 0‑200 ppm.

•     pH range: 0–14.

•     ORP range: +/-1500 mV.

•     Temperature range: 0–50ºC.

•     Measurement of stable chlorine with low pH dependence.

•     Self‑calibration of all sizes.

•     Alarm signal if water flow is insufficient.

•     Instrument with IP65 protection rating.

•     250 V‑10 A relays for connecting dosing pumps or salt chlorinators.

•    4‑20 mA analogue outlets with repeat signal or manifold for proportional pumps.

•     Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz.

•     Setpoints and programmable alarms.

•     Pump pause function during calibration and for stopping flow.

•     Temperature readings and readjustment (automatic with option PT100 probe).

•     Three types of setpoint settings. On/Off, Proportional in Time and Proportional by Pulses.

•     RS485 communications port.

Components included in the assembly:

•     Methacrylate probe holder, with flow regulator, sample taking valve and flow sensor.

•     Filter holder and 80 micron filter cartridge for water inlet.

•     DPD calibration standard solutions.

•     Assembly accessories, and instruction and installation manual.

•     Sensors depending on version.

Code Description
66175 Controller Free Chlorine
66176 Controler pH / ORP / Free Chlorine
66177 Controller pH / Free Chlorine
66178 Controller pH / Redox

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