EXACTUS Proportional model


The EXACTUS proportional dosing pump is a microcontroller unit suitable for operation in proportion to a “mA” input signal. Connected to a transmitter/indicator instrument or other device which supplies a modulated current signal from 0 to 20 mA, the pump pulse frequency will be proportional to the mA signal received: higher the signal higher the pump flow.

· The products are manufactured according CE regulation.

· IP 65 protection.

· Antiacid plastic casing.

· Control panel protection assured by an adhesive polyester film, weatherproof and resisting UV rays

· Standard power supply:

230 V a.c.50 Hz single phase.

· Optional power supply:

240 V a.c.50-60 Hz single phase;

110 V a.c. 50-60 Hz single phase

Code Description
43491 Proportional (4-20mA)
43492 Proportional (4-20mA)
43493 Proportional (4-20mA)
43494 Proportional (4-20mA)
57164 Proportional (4-20mA)
57165 Proporcional (4-20mA)
57166 Proportional (4-20mA)
57167 Proportional (4-20mA)

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