Goldenflok Water Clarifier | 5 Kg Can | HS Code: 39069000 | Brand: Piscimar | Origin: Spain

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Goldenflok Water Clarifier 5kgs – PM613

This super concentrated brightener gets rid of grease, sun-tan oils, organic matter, pollen, etc. in your pool and effectively clarifies and cleans the water.
By coagulation (increasing the volume of the particles) followed by filtration, these waste particles are directly sent into the filter without depositing the dirt at the bottom of the pool.
It acts as a brightener in maintenance treatments, prevents the scum line formation, making it easier to clean, and is compatible with all kinds of disinfectant, automatic cleaners, and filtration systems.
Dosage:1 L for each 200 – 600 m3 of water, according to needs.
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