Guardian Pool NN


The new Guardian Pool unit combines traditional control and dosing elements with a total digital control of its values that facilitates the management of the pool parameters, as well as its history to analyze or detect possible errors. Guardian Pool stands out for its high performance in the control and regulation of chemical products for use in private pools and public pools. Innovative design 7” high resolution touch screen display, firmware update through its USB port, which is also used for downloading the swimming pool data. Compatible with Fluidra Connect for better remote management of all parameters.

Code Description
72700 Guardian Pool NN 1 Cl 10 ppm / T
72701 Guardian Pool NN 2 Cl 2 ppm / T
72702 Guardian Pool NN 4 pH /Cl 10 ppm / T
72703 Guardian Pool NN 3 pH / ORP / T
72704 Guardian Pool NN 5 pH / ORP / Cl 10 ppm / T
72705 Guardian Pool NN 6 pH / ORP / free & total Cl / NTU / T

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