Heliox UV LP PE


The Heliox UV LP treatment system has a number of advantages over chemical disinfection systems, since virtually UV light does not alter the physical and chemical composition of water, it is very effective against any type of organism (algae, bacteria, virus , fungi, yeasts, etc.) further minimizing the risks of handling and dosing of hazardous chemicals. Moreover, UV treatment reduces the levels of combined chlorine in the water, thereby producing significant water and energy savings by reducing the volume and frequency of pool waterrenewals.

The Heliox UV LP treatment system together to maintain a certain level of chlorine in pool water ensureswater quality. The Heliox UV LP treatment system is installed very easily in by-pass to the return line of the pool and must operate when the pool recirculation system  (pump and filter) is operational.

The Heliox UV LP treatment systems have been designed and manufactured with the latest technology in UV treatment of water, thus ensuring continuous operation and minimal maintenance./n

Code Description
52214 Heliox UV LP PE – 10 m3/h
52215 Heliox UV LP PE – 14 m3/h
52216 Heliox UV LP PE – 20 m3/h

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