Pool Patrol PA 30 With Receiver

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Floating Alarm with Receiver Pool Patrol PA-30

Floating, sensor-activated swimming pool alarm with in-house receiver.

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  • HS Code: 8531000045
  • Brand: Generic
  • Origin: USA

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When it comes to pool safety and maintenance, having the right equipment is crucial. One such essential tool that has gained popularity in recent times is the Pool Patrol PA 30 with Receiver. This innovative device offers a range of features designed to enhance pool safety and monitoring. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Pool Patrol PA 30 with Receiver, its benefits, functionalities, and how it contributes to maintaining a safe swimming environment.

Understanding the Pool Patrol PA 30 with Receiver

What is the Pool Patrol PA 30 with Receiver?

The Pool Patrol PA 30 with Receiver is a cutting-edge pool safety device that employs advanced technology to help prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of swimmers.

Key Features and Functionality

  • Remote Receiver: The included receiver can be placed inside your home, providing you with real-time alerts if any disturbances are detected in the pool. This ensures that you’re immediately informed of any potential danger.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity: This flexibility ensures that the device can differentiate between minor ripples and significant disturbances.
  • Easy Installation: Setting up the Pool Patrol PA 30 is hassle-free. It’s a wireless device that can be placed at the pool’s edge or on a deck, and the receiver can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet.
  • Battery Powered: The device operates on batteries, eliminating the need for complex wiring or dependence on electricity.

Advantages of Using the Pool Patrol PA 30 with Receiver

Enhanced Pool Safety

The primary advantage of the Pool Patrol PA 30 with Receiver is the heightened level of pool safety it provides. By instantly detecting any movement in the water, the device can alert you to potential emergencies, allowing for quick response and potentially saving lives.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The simple installation process and battery-powered operation make the Pool Patrol PA 30 with Receiver a convenient addition to any pool setup.


Its capacity to detect water motion, customizable sensitivity, and easy installation make it an asset for any pool owner. By investing in this innovative device, you’re taking a proactive step towards preventing accidents and ensuring a secure swimming environment.

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