Laminated high-performancesand filters manufactured of polyester/fibreglass resin. Comes in red.
· Filterin bed from 545 mm to 785 mm, depending on the filter diameter.
· Equipped with 1”collectors arms, and diffuser of highly resistant plastic.
· Fitted with pressure gauge, manual water drain plug, and automatic and manual air purge.
· 2 1/2” sand drain. · Side-mount, 6-way selector valve for filter, backwash, rinse, recirculate, waste and closed, except for diameter 950 mm
· Polypropylene base.
· Screwless lid for quick opening and closing.
· Maximum operating pressure: 2,5 kg/cm2.

– Filtering bed: The larger filtering bed and the arrangement of the collectors improves the resulting water quality after filtering.
– Convenience: A patented system is used for opening and closing the cover, thereby eliminating the use of traditional screws. The system also exerts uniform pressure over the entire watertight joint and makes it easier to loosen the cover.
– Easy repositioning: Sand drain plug for easier sand removal-replacement.

MONOBLOC: Rapidpool filters of diameter 400, 500 or 650 mm are available in monoblocs composed of a fibreglass-reinforced base, filter with side-mount selector valve, self-priming Sprint pump and all the necessary fittings. Characteristics:
– The monoblocs include a base constructed of weather-resistant plastic.
– All components are designed for easy assembly and precise fitting.
– Comes as a pre-assembled unit.

Code Description
00488 Side filter 6.000 l/h Ø 400 mm outlets 1½”
00489 Side filter 9.000 l/h Ø 500 mm outlets 1½”
00490 Side filter 15.000 l/h Ø 650 mm outlets 1½”
00490-0100 Side filter 15.000 l/h Ø 650 mm outlets 1½”. Multiport valve not included
00491 Side filter 24.000 l/h Ø 800 mm outlets 2”
32427 Top filter 6.000 l/h Ø 400 mm outlets 1½”
32428 Top filter 9.000 l/h Ø 500 mm outlets 1½”
32429 Top filter 15.000 l/h Ø 650 mm outlets 1½”
33849 Top filter 15.000 l/h Ø 800 mm outlets 2”

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