Advanta 110 Hybrid Bitter Gourd Seeds

Advanta 110 Hybrid Bitter Gourd

Crop Duration: 100-120 days
Seed Rate in Kg/ACRE: 0.600
Planting Months: Sept-March
Spacing (CM) RR – Row to Row & PP – Plant to Plant: RR200 X PP75


– Dark green fruits with thick flesh & less seed contents.
– Fruit shape is spindle.
– Teeth pattern is continuous ridges with good keeping quality.
– Fruit length 18-20 cm, diameter 3.5- 4 cm & weight 125-150 gm.
– Plant height is 3.5 m with creeping and spreading branches with more female flowers.
– A prolific bearer due to short internodal lengths and field tolerance to foliar diseases.
– First picking at 55-60 days with prolonged harvesting.
– Tentative yield/acre : 12-15MT.

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Advanta 110 Hybrid Bitter Gourd Seeds

Are you looking to enhance your gardening experience with the best seeds in the market? Look no further! Advanta 110 Hybrid Bitter Gourd Seeds are your ticket to a bountiful harvest. Not only do they ensure an abundant yield, but they are also packed with health benefits that make them a must-have addition to your garden. In this article, we’ll delve into the exceptional qualities of these seeds and why you should consider adding them to your collection.

Unveiling the Benefits of Seeds

  •  A Nutrient Powerhouse

Advanta Bitter Gourd Seeds are rich in essential nutrients that promote a healthy lifestyle. They are packed with vitamins, such as vitamin C and vitamin A, and minerals like iron, potassium, and calcium. These seeds can significantly boost your overall health and wellbeing.

  • Exceptional Taste and Culinary Versatility

The bitter gourd, also known as bitter melon, is famous for its unique flavor. While the name suggests bitterness, when cooked correctly, it offers a delightful combination of flavors. Advanta 110 Hybrid Bitter Gourd Seeds can be used in a variety of dishes, adding a distinct taste that elevates your culinary experience.

  • Natural Medicinal Properties

Advanta 110 Hybrid Bitter Gourd Seeds have been used for centuries in traditional medicine due to their exceptional health benefits. They are known for their potential to regulate blood sugar levels, making them an excellent choice for individuals managing diabetes. Additionally, they can aid in weight management, improve digestion, and boost the immune system.

  • Easy to Grow

These seeds are not only beneficial but also incredibly easy to grow. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner, you’ll find that cultivating Advanta 110 Hybrid Bitter Gourd Seeds is a straightforward and enjoyable experience. With the right care, you can expect a bountiful harvest that will last you throughout the growing season.

Where to Get Your These Seeds

Now that you’re eager to include Advanta Bitter Gourd Seeds in your garden, you might be wondering where to purchase them. Look no further than helloshoponline. This reputable ecommerce store offers a wide range of gardening products, including these remarkable seeds. With their user-friendly website and a commitment to quality, you can be assured of a seamless shopping experience.

In conclusion, Advanta Hybrid Bitter Gourd Seeds are a game-changer for gardeners and health enthusiasts alike. Their numerous health benefits, culinary versatility, and ease of cultivation make them a valuable addition to any garden. So, why wait? Head over to helloshoponline. and get your Advanta 110 Hybrid Bitter Gourd Seeds today. Your path to a healthier and more delicious garden starts here.

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