BLUE OCEAN S-Fusion PPR Multi-Layer Pipes PPRAl-PPR(X)BW

PP-R pipes for hot, cold and drinking water transportation (Recommended water working temperature up to 70⁰C, water short time high temperature up to 90°C, S3.2 series, SDR 7.4, Nominal pressure up to PN. 1.6 MPa)



BLUE OCEAN S-Fusion PPR Multi-Layer Pipes

We recommend using a pipe with butt-welded aluminium as it is more advanced technology than overlap-welded aluminium, allowing the use of thicker aluminium with seamless-welding connection, resulting in improved qualities like
increased durability of pipe. Outside and inside polymer layers are connected to aluminium by high-molecular
adhesive layers.

The aluminium layer guarantees low thermal expansion and a 100% oxygen barrier. High-strength connection of polymer layers with aluminium defines the value of expansion, which is similar to the characteristics of solid-metal pipes. One of the main advantages of Blue Ocean PPR/Al/PPR  pipes is its simple and clean thermo-fusion connection with standard PPR fittings: no special treatment and preparations are needed, just cut and weld.

Blue Ocean S-fusion outer layer thermo-fusion PPR/AL/PPR but welding composite pipe for cold and hot water transportation, central heating (Water working temperature up to 70°C, water short time high temperature up to 90°C, Nominal pressure up to PN. 2.5 MPa)

Product code Outside diameter, mm Wall thickness, mm Pipes Serial Water working pressure, MPa Quantity per package, pieces/ m (each piece 4 m)
PPR-Al-PPR (X)/BW-20×3.0/2.5 20 3 PPR/AL 2.5 160
PPR-Al-PPR (X)/BW-25×3.5/2.5 25 3.5 PPR/AL 2.5 100
PPR-Al-PPR (X)/BW-32×4.0/2.5 32 4 PPR/AL 2.5 60
PPR-Al-PPR (X)/BW-40×5.0/2.5 40 5 PPR/AL 2.5 48
PPR-Al-PPR (X)/BW-50×5.5/2.5 50 5.5 PPR/AL 2.5 32
PPR-Al-PPR (X)/BW-63×7.0/2.5 63 7 PPR/AL 2.5 20
PPR-Al-PPR (X)/BW-75×8.5/2.5 75 8.5 PPR/AL 2.5 12
PPR-Al-PPR (X)/BW-90×10.0/2.5 90 10 PPR/AL 2.5 8
PPR-Al-PPR (X)/BW-110×12.0/2.5 110 12 PPR/AL 2.5 8

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