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Catfish Li Ultra

Durable. Powerful. Hand-held cleaner with extra debris capture.
The Catfish® Ultra incorporates the same durability and power as the Catfish and includes more accessories and debris capacity. Perfect for quick and easy cleaning in the Hot Tub or Spa or the entire swimming pool.


  • Capture More Dirt – Catfish Ultra features higher debris capacity than the standard Pool Blaster Catfish to capture more leaves, dirt sand and debris.
  • Cordless – Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery. No hoses or cords needed. Ideal for In-Ground Pools, Soft-Sided pools and Above Ground Pools like Intex.
  • Run Time – The lithium ion batter powered Catfish Ultra is designed to run up to 45 minutes.
  • Easy Operation – Push-Button operation. Lightweight and easy to use by hand or attach to any standard telescopic pool pole.
  • What’s Included – 10.5″ Vacuum Head w/Soft-Bristle Brush, Wall Charger, (1) X-Treme Multilayered Filter Bag, Four piece pole set (45″ length), (1) pole adapter


  • Up to 45 minutes run time
  • Push button ON/OFF switch
  • Vacuum head width: 10.5″
  • Four piece sectional pole set (45″ length) included
  • Minimum operating depth:12.25” @ 45 degree angle
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
  • (1)Reusable X-Treme multi layer filter bag
  • Lithium powered, fully rechargeable in 4 hours
  • Unit size: L-19.25″ x W-10.50″ x H-7.0″
  • Unit weight: 1.63 kg
  • UPC 894331001283 21051DL
  • HS Code: 28362000
  • Brand: Generic
  • Origin: USA
NOTE: This machine is NOT suitable for Saltwater Pools. Any warranty claims related to rust/salt creep will not be honored.
Additional filter bags available here:
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Catfish Li Ultra

Are you tired of spending countless hours scrubbing your pool’s walls and floor? Are leaves and debris constantly ruining your poolside experience? Look no further than the Catfish Li Ultra – your new best friend in maintaining a pristine pool without the hassle. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of the Pool Blaster Catfish Li Ultra, exploring its features, benefits, and where to buy it to make your pool cleaning routine a breeze.

Imagine enjoying a refreshing swim without the constant worry of dirt and leaves polluting your pool. The Pool Blaster Catfish Li Ultra is here to make this dream a reality.

The Evolution of Pool Cleaning

Gone are the days of awkwardly maneuvering bulky pool cleaning equipment. Traditional methods required extensive setup and hoses, leaving pool owners frustrated. The Catfish Li Ultra represents the evolution of pool cleaning by offering a compact, cordless, and efficient solution.

Meet the Catfish Li Ultra

Unparalleled Portability

Say goodbye to the limitations of corded cleaners. The Catfish Li Ultra’s cordless design grants you the freedom to move effortlessly around your pool, reaching every nook and cranny without restraint.

Advanced Cleaning Technology

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this pool cleaner ensures exceptional suction power and thorough cleaning. Its high-capacity debris chamber minimizes the need for frequent emptying, allowing you to clean your entire pool in one go.

Key Benefits of the Catfish Li Ultra

Effortless Debris Removal

Leaves, twigs, and even fine particles are no match for the Catfish Li Ultra. Effortlessly remove debris of all sizes, leaving your pool water sparkling clean.

Versatile Pool Compatibility

Whether you have an above-ground pool, in-ground pool, or even a spa, the Catfish Li Ultra adapts seamlessly. Its versatility makes it an essential tool for various pool types.

Environmentally Friendly Operation

Designed with eco-friendliness in mind, the Catfish Li Ultra operates on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Contribute to a greener environment while maintaining a crystal-clear pool.

Simple Steps to Cleaner Water

Check and Charge

Before each cleaning session, ensure your Catfish Li Ultra is fully charged. This guarantees uninterrupted cleaning and optimal performance.

Swift and Thorough Cleaning

Submerge the cleaner in your pool and let it glide across the water. The Catfish Li Ultra’s maneuverability and powerful suction ensure a quick and thorough cleaning process.

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Where to Buy Your Catfish Li Ultra

Online Retailers

Visit reputable online retailers to purchase your very own Catfish Li Ultra. Enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery and explore customer reviews to make an informed choice.

Local Pool Supply Stores

Support your local pool supply store by purchasing the Catfish Li Ultra in person. Benefit from expert advice and hands-on demonstrations before making your purchase.

Invest in Unmatched Convenience

Bid farewell to the days of labor-intensive pool cleaning. The Catfish Li Ultra is a worthy investment that rewards you with more time to savor your pool and less time cleaning it.


The Pool Blaster Catfish Li Ultra sets a new standard for hassle-free pool maintenance. Its portability, advanced technology, and versatile compatibility make it an indispensable tool for any pool owner. Embrace a cleaner, more enjoyable swimming experience with the Catfish Li Ultra.


Is the Catfish Li Ultra suitable for both large and small pools?

Absolutely! The Catfish Li Ultra is designed to cater to pools of various sizes, from small spas to large in-ground pools.

How long does the battery last on a single charge?

On a full charge, the Catfish Li Ultra can operate for up to 45 minutes, ensuring you have ample time to clean your pool.

Can I use the Catfish Li Ultra for my above-ground pool?

Certainly! The Catfish Li Ultra’s adaptable design makes it suitable for both above-ground and in-ground pools.

Does the cleaner come with different brush attachments?

Yes, the Catfish Li Ultra typically includes various brush attachments to effectively tackle different types of debris.

What is the warranty coverage for the Catfish Li Ultra?

Warranty coverage may vary, but it’s advisable to check with the retailer or manufacturer for specific warranty details.