The new CDP LINE dehumdifier console is used in installations where individual humidity and temperature control of the area is required. It takes advantage of the latent heat of porisation and the equipment performance itself in heating the room air of small pools, tubs, changing rooms and bathrooms.
· Monoblock evaporation and condensation battery made out of copper pipes with laquered aluminium fins (specially designed for corrosive environments).
· Airtight compressor with an internal protection mechanism, carter resistance and a muffler.
· A cooling circuit of nitrogenated, dehydrated, deoxidised copper.
· Optional heating battery, electrical or hot water.
The new innovations this equipment introduces include the expanded polypropylene structure (EPP) which reduces it weight and the level of noise.



Code Description
65891 CDP-LINE-2 Dehumidifier only
65892 CDP-LINE-3 Dehumidifier only
65893 CDP-LINE-4 Dehumidifier only
65894 CDP-LINE-5 Dehumidifier only
65895 CDP-LINE-2 With 6 kW water heater battery
65896 CDP-LINE-3 With 6 kW water heater battery
65897 CDP-LINE-4 With 12 kW water heater battery
65898 CDP-LINE-5 With 12 kW water heater battery
65899 CDP-LINE-2 with 4 kW electric battery
65900 CDP-LINE-3 with 4 kW electric battery
65901 CDP-LINE-4 with 5 kW electric battery
65902 CDP-LINE-5 with 4 kW electric battery


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