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Euphorbia milii or Crown Of Thorns (Thai) 25-30cm

Euphorbia milii

Euphorbia milii plant has some of the showiest flowers of all the Euphorbias. Crown-of-thorns is a tropical, succulent shrub that stays evergreen year-round where hardy. From spring to late summer it produces many flowers with two showy bracts that are most typically scarlet red. Grow best in full sun, dry, well-drained soils.

  • Common Name: Crown Of Thorns
  • Family: Euphorbiaceae
  • Origin: South Africa
  • Water Requirement: Less
  • Drought Tolerance: High
  • Flower Color: Red
  • Sun Tolerance: High
  • Max Height:   1.8 m
  • PH Level: Basic
  • Pest Tolerance: Medium
  • Disease Tolerance: Medium


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Euphorbia milii or Crown Of Thorns (Thai)

In the heart of your home, there’s a charming corner reserved for nature’s elegance. Among the myriad of options to choose from, one stands out with its exquisite beauty and mesmerizing charm – Euphorbia Milii, more commonly known as the Crown Of Thorns (Thai).

Unveiling the Crown of Thorns (Thai)

Euphorbia Milii is a true masterpiece of nature. This enchanting plant boasts a height of 25-30cm, and its presence can transform any living space into a haven of grace and splendor. Let’s delve deeper into what makes this plant so special and why it should find its place in your home.

The Resplendent

A Blooming Marvel

Euphorbia Milii is a symbol of perpetual beauty. It’s known for its striking, vibrant blossoms that come in various colors, each petal serving as a testament to nature’s artistry. The Crown Of Thorns doesn’t just bloom; it thrives, infusing life and color into your surroundings.

Easy Care and Maintenance

For those with busy lives, Euphorbia Milii is a gift. This hardy plant requires minimal care, making it an ideal choice for even the novice gardener. With the right conditions, it flourishes effortlessly.

Natural Elegance

This plant isn’t just a potted beauty; it’s a reflection of natural elegance. Its spiky stems and glossy leaves contribute to its overall allure. Placing it on your shelf or windowsill can add a touch of sophistication to your decor.

Where to Find Your

If you’re eager to welcome this botanical marvel into your life, you’re in luck. You can easily find the Crown Of Thorns (Thai), on the HelloShopOnline.ae website. They offer a wide range of options to choose from, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your space.

In conclusion, Euphorbia Milii, the Crown Of Thorns (Thai), is not just a plant; it’s a symbol of enduring beauty and natural elegance. With minimal maintenance and vibrant blooms, it can transform your living space into a haven of charm. Visit HelloShopOnline. to find your perfect Euphorbia Milii and be part of a creative and supportive community.

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