Hanging Cage Air Plant 15cm


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Air Plant Ionantha Guatemala

The Ionantha Guatemala truly is a dark beauty of an air plant. It features lovely Ionantha Guatemala that are a gorgeous shade of deep green that appear to move and wave as you admire it. The Ionantha Guatemala is a beautiful addition to any home or office. Some have said that it resemble a sea creature with its smooth, long arms. I recall the stories of Medusa, from Greek mythology and her wild hair full of snakes. Its leaves are flat and form a fun bulbous shape at its base, and wind out to its long outstretched arms. Beautifully arranged in hanging cage with artificial bird.

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Hanging Cage Air Plant

In today’s fast-paced world, creating a tranquil and visually appealing environment at home is essential. The Hanging Cage Air Plant, with its lush greenery and unique design, is the perfect solution to breathe life into your living spaces. At Hello Shop Online, we offer you the opportunity to elevate your decor with this exquisite addition to your home.

What is a Hanging Cage Air Plant?

A Hanging Cage Air Plant is a remarkable fusion of nature and design. These plants are known for their air-purifying properties and their ability to thrive without soil. They belong to the Tillandsia family, making them a fantastic choice for those looking to add a touch of greenery without the hassle of traditional plant care.

Why Choose a Hanging Cage Air Plant?

Minimal Maintenance

One of the most significant advantages of a Hanging Cage Air Plant is its low-maintenance nature. These plants do not require soil and can be placed virtually anywhere, making them a convenient choice for busy individuals. Regular misting and bright, indirect light are all that’s needed to keep them thriving.

Aesthetic Appeal

Hanging Cage Air Plants come in various sizes and designs, making them a versatile decor element. You can choose from elegant glass orbs or intricate metal cages to suit your interior style. These unique planters add a touch of sophistication and creativity to your living space.

Air Purification

Apart from their aesthetic appeal, these plants are natural air purifiers. They absorb impurities from the air and release oxygen, contributing to a healthier and fresher atmosphere in your home. In today’s world, having such an ally in your living space is a blessing.

Shopping at Hello Shop Online

At Hello Shop Online, we understand the importance of convenience and quality. Our e-commerce store offers an extensive selection of Hanging Cage Air Plants in various styles and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect match for your home.

Our Range

  • Glass Orb Designs: If you prefer a modern and elegant look, our glass orb designs are sure to impress. The transparent glass showcases the beauty of the air plants, creating a captivating focal point in any room.
  • Metal Cage Varieties: For those seeking a more rustic or industrial vibe, our metal cage Hanging Cage Air Plants are an excellent choice. The intricate designs of the metal cages add a touch of artistic flair to your decor.
  • Customizable Options: We also offer customizable options, allowing you to choose the specific type of air plant and planter that suits your vision for your home.


  • Watering: Use a spray bottle every 1-2 days. Place damp plants on a towel to dry.
  • Submersion: Once a week, soak plants in water for 20 minutes, then drain and dry on a towel.
  • Water Quality: Use non-distilled water. Spring or rainwater is best; aquarium or pond water is also suitable.
  • Pruning: Remove dying leaves at the base and trim brown tips at an angle.
  • Environment: Avoid extreme temperatures; keep them between 50-90°F for optimal health.


The Hanging Cage Air Plant is a symbol of modern decor, nature, and convenience. At Hello Shop Online, we aim to provide you with the finest options to enhance your living space and breathe life into your surroundings.

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