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Intex Repair Patch

Easy to use repair patches for sealing holes in above ground pools.
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  • Intex Repair Patch 59631
  • HS Code 9506990000
  • Brand: Intex
  • Origin: China

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Dive into Uninterrupted Pool Fun with Intex Repair Patches

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing dip in the pool on a sunny day. However, pool-related mishaps can sometimes put a damper on the fun. That’s where Intex Repair Patches come to the rescue. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into how these patches, available for online sale, can help you maintain your pool’s integrity, allowing you to enjoy crystal-clear waters without any worries.

Seamless Pool Repairs with Intex Repair Patches

A Solution Tailored:  Intex Repair Patches are specifically designed to address issues commonly encountered with pool liners and inflatables. From minor tears and punctures to leaks, these patches provide a straightforward and efficient solution to keep your pool in top-notch condition.

Easy Application, Lasting Results: Applying Intex Repair Patches is a breeze. Simply clean and dry the affected area, then apply the patch with the provided adhesive. The patch forms a strong bond that withstands water pressure and exposure, ensuring a reliable fix that lasts through countless swims.

Versatile Usage: Intex Repair Patches are suitable for a variety of pool materials, including vinyl, PVC, and other common pool liner materials. Whether your pool is an inflatable above-ground model or an in-ground structure, these patches have you covered.

The Benefits of Having Intex Repair Patches at Your Fingertips

Uninterrupted Pool Enjoyment: Picture this: a leisurely swim disrupted by a sudden leak. With Intex Repair Patches readily available, you can address pool-related mishaps immediately, ensuring your pool remains pristine and inviting for endless hours of fun.

Cost-Effective Pool Maintenance: Regular maintenance and professional repairs can be expensive. By having Intex Repair Patches on hand, you can save money by fixing minor issues yourself and preventing them from escalating into major problems.

Contribution to Sustainability: Prolonging the life of your pool equipment and liners through repairs aligns with sustainable practices. Instead of replacing damaged items, you’re minimizing waste and making a positive impact on the environment.


In summary, Intex Repair Patches offer a convenient and reliable solution. Whether you’re dealing with a tear in your pool liner or an inflatable toy that needs fixing, these patches provide a seamless and durable remedy. By keeping Intex Repair Patches on hand, you’re ensuring uninterrupted pool enjoyment, cost-effective maintenance, and a more sustainable approach to pool care. Embrace worry-free pool days and make the most of your aquatic oasis with the help of these versatile and efficient repair patches.

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