Pea Alderman 55g – Fito

Pea Alderman

Pea Alderman are long, wide pods known for their heavy crops of large, curved, dark green pea pods of the highest quality. Each pod contains up to 11 succulent peas with superb flavour. This well-known and reliable variety has a tall growth habit that will require supports but is well worth the effort for the huge yields that it produces.

  • Very sweet, tender peas with superb flavor
  • Can be stored in the fridge for up to 6 months
  • Reliable growth and fruit yield

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Pea Alderman Seeds

Elevate your gardening experience with the Fito Pea Alderman 55g, a quintessential addition to your gardening arsenal available at HelloShopOnline. Cultivated to perfection, this versatile pea variety ensures an abundance of flavorsome peas while enriching your garden’s biodiversity.

Unveiling the Fito Pea Alderman 55g

These Fito Seeds are a beacon of quality and reliability in the realm of gardening. Crafted by Fito, a renowned name synonymous with premium garden products, this variant embodies excellence.

Why Choose Fito Pea Alderman 55g?

  • Exceptional Quality: Harvested at optimal maturity, each 55g pack contains peas bursting with freshness and nutritional value.
  • Bountiful Yield: Experience a prolific harvest season with these seeds, ensuring an abundant supply of delectable peas.
  • Ease of Cultivation: Designed for convenience, this pea variant thrives in various gardening conditions, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned gardeners.

How to Cultivate Fito Pea Alderman 55g?

  • Selecting the Perfect Spot: Choose a sunny location in your garden with well-drained soil for optimal growth.
  • Planting Instructions: Sow the seeds in rows, ensuring adequate spacing, and providing consistent watering for germination.
  • Maintenance: Regularly tend to your plants by providing support and removing weeds for healthy, vigorous growth.

Elevate Your Garden’s Diversity

Introduce these to your garden landscape and witness a flourishing ecosystem. Its enriching presence not only yields delectable peas but also contributes to enhancing your garden’s biodiversity.


Transform your gardening endeavors with the Fito Pea Alderman 55g, a testament to Fito’s commitment to excellence. Visit HelloShopOnline. today and procure this premium variety to elevate your gardening experience. Let your garden thrive with the unmatched quality of these seeds the perfect addition for garden enthusiasts seeking both quality and abundance.

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