Pennisetum Rubrum (African Fountain Grass)

Pennisetum Rubrum

Pennisetum Rubrum is known as purple fountain grass, African fountain grass or tender fountain grass. Native to East Africa. Commonly used in commercial projects in Dubai and UAE. It is drought-tolerant and fast-growing grass.


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African Fountain Grass A Botanical Marvel

Pennisetum Rubrum, commonly referred to as African Fountain Grass, originates from Africa and is cherished for its striking appearance. Its lush foliage exhibits a rich purple-red color, adding depth and allure to any garden setting.

Enhance Your Garden

When seeking to enhance your garden’s aesthetic appeal, Helloshoponline presents an exceptional opportunity to acquire Pennisetum Rubrum. This online store offers premium quality plants, ensuring your landscape receives the finest botanical specimens available.

Unveiling the Beauty of Ornamental Grasses

African Fountain Grass, Pennisetum Rubrum, is among the top choices for landscapers and gardening enthusiasts. Its ornamental value is unmatched, bringing a touch of sophistication and natural beauty to gardens, parks, and landscapes.

A Touch of Elegance for Your Outdoor Haven

Helloshoponline provides an extensive range of ornamental grasses, including the mesmerizing Pennisetum Rubrum. Elevate your outdoor space with this graceful and vibrant addition, transforming it into a captivating haven.

Creating a Striking Visual Impact

Pennisetum Rubrum’s distinctive color and elegant plumes captivate onlookers, making it a captivating focal point in any garden. With Helloshoponline access this botanical gem to infuse your landscape with unparalleled allure.

Unlocking the Potential of Your Garden

Explore the vast array of ornamental grasses, including the enchanting ones at Helloshoponline Unleash the full potential of your garden by incorporating these stunning botanical wonders into your landscape design.

Embrace the Beauty

Transform your garden into a picturesque paradise with Pennisetum Rubrum from Helloshoponline. Embrace the beauty of this African Fountain Grass and witness your outdoor space flourish with elegance and charm.


Elevate your garden’s allure with the enchanting Pennisetum Rubrum available at Helloshoponline. Embrace the beauty of African Fountain Grass and immerse yourself in a world of botanical splendor. Enhance your landscape and invite nature’s elegance into your outdoor haven.

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