Pine Flakes or Shavings “Horse Bedding” 14KG

Pine Flakes or Shavings for Horse Bedding

Pine Flakes, the premium horse bedding, offers the original mini flake pine shavings ideal for various animal beddings. Our meticulously crafted texture allows for effortless cleaning, while the kiln-dried nature enhances absorbency. We understand that horse bedding, be it pine shavings or pellets, constitutes a significant expense for horse farm owners. Our focus is on helping you cut down on bedding costs without compromising on animal care standards or your financial management needs.

  • 14KG flakes from natural soft European Pine wood (Strictly Fresh Pine Wood)</li>
  • Sawdust and Chemical Free
  • Less than 8% moisture content
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Thick water-resistant plastic bale-bag
  • Maximum absorption capabilities
  • Reduction of respiratory disease and allergies in horses.
  • Shavings are compressed (Structural integrity is kept and has no effect on the fluffiness of the shavings when spread)
  • Shaving bales can be stored for long periods since it contains less moisture and packed using heat sealed bags (90 micron thickness)

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Pine Flakes or Shavings “Horse Bedding”

Welcome to a realm of equine comfort and wellness. At HelloShopOnline, we’re passionate about elevating your horse’s living standards with our premium Pine Flakes or ShavingsHorse Bedding” 14KG. Your equine companion deserves nothing but the best, and our bedding solution stands as a testament to our commitment.

The Essence of Pine Bedding

A horse’s comfort is paramount, affecting its performance, demeanor, and overall well-being. Our Pine Flakes or ShavingsHorse Bedding” 14KG embraces the essence of natural bedding, offering an unparalleled experience for your horse.

Why Choose Pine Bedding?

  • Natural & Safe: Crafted from high-quality pine, our bedding guarantees a chemical-free environment, ensuring your horse’s safety and health. Pine’s natural properties also contribute to odor control and moisture absorption, maintaining a clean and hygienic stable.
  • Comfort & Support: The soft texture of pine shavings or flakes provides unmatched comfort for your horse, allowing for natural movement and relaxation. The supportive bedding ensures relief from pressure points, fostering a restful environment for quality sleep.
  • Environmental Friendliness: Embracing sustainability, our Pine Flakes or ShavingsHorse Bedding” 14KG is sourced responsibly. Its biodegradable nature contributes positively to the environment, making it an eco-conscious choice for conscientious horse owners.

Key Features of Our Pine Bedding

  • Absorbency: Superior moisture absorption for a dry and comfortable environment.
  • Odor Control: Natural pine properties neutralize odors, maintaining a fresh stable.
  • Comfort: Soft texture promotes relaxation and ease for horses.
  • Dust-Free: Reduced dust levels for respiratory health support.

Elevate Your Horse’s Living Standards

Invest in the best for your horse’s comfort and health. Embrace the natural goodness of Pine Flakes or ShavingsHorse Bedding” 14KG from HelloShopOnline and witness the transformative impact on your horse’s well-being.


Create a haven for your horse with our Pine Flakes or Shavings “Horse Bedding” 14KG. Experience the blend of nature’s essence and superior quality in every package. Elevate comfort, support, and hygiene in your horse’s stable with our premium bedding solution.


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