RGB Projectors


Projectors with PAR56 LED lamp, developed to obtain maximum efficiency in electrical consumption. Manufactured for use in swimming pools, where a good and homogeneous distribution of light is required. Available with stainless or ABS trim and in two types of anchoring: Global that is an anchoring system made entirely of plastic (resistant seawater) or STD in which the fixing is made of stainless steel.
To complete the LumiPlus PAR56 luminaires you must purchase the niche separately. Available niches for concrete pool and prefabricated pool / liner / panels.
The RGB model is compatible with the LumiPlus Eco, LumiPlus Top, LumiPlus LED APP and LumiPlus Modbus controls.
The projectors must always be installed submerged in water.
Power Consumption version V1 RGB: 22W (29VA)
Power: 12Vac
Lifespan: L70 – 50,000h

Global versions: Sea water resistant

Code Description
52599 LumiPlus PAR56 V1 / STD fixing / ABS trim / white light
56003 LumiPlus PAR56 V1 / STD fixing / ABS trim / RGB
56003CL090 Lumiplus PAR56 V1AC / Beige emb / RGB lamp / 1100 lm
56003CL129 Lumiplus PAR56 V1AC / Gray emb / RGB lamp / 1100 lm
56003CL144 Lumiplus PAR56 V1AC / Anthracite emb / RGB lamp / 1100 lm
56004 LumiPlus Projector PAR56 Stainless Steel V1 / STD fixing/ RGB

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