Semilla Fito Enana Roja Salvia Seeds (2g)

Semilla Enana Roja Salvia Seeds

This annual plant is known for its brilliant red spikes that create an attractive contrast against its vivid green foliage. It grows to up to 20-40cm in height and can be sown under glass in spring. It comes into full bloom in summer and autumn and is great in containers, on flower beds, as borders, and more.

  • Brilliant red spiked & vivid green foliage
  • Grows 20-40cm in height
  • Great in containers, on flower beds, as borders and more
  • Blooms all throughout summer & autumn

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Semilla Enana Roja Salvia Seeds

Bring a burst of vibrant color and life to your garden with Semilla Frito Enana Roja Salvia seeds! These captivating annuals boast brilliant red flower spikes that rise like flames against a backdrop of lush green foliage, creating a stunning contrast that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

Here’s what makes these fiery beauties irresistible:

  • Eye-catching blooms: Imagine spikes of vivid red flowers, resembling miniature bonfires, dancing playfully amidst the verdant greenery. Enana Roja Salvia’s blooms are a true showstopper, adding a touch of fiery elegance to any garden.
  • Compact and versatile: Reaching a height of 20-40cm, these dwarf sages are perfect for smaller spaces.
  • Long-lasting beauty: Enchanting your garden from spring to autumn, these cheerful blooms keep the party going all season long.
  • Easy to grow: Even novice gardeners can enjoy the fiery charm of Enana Roja Salvia. These low-maintenance beauties are relatively fuss-free, thriving in well-drained soil and basking in plenty of sunshine.

Beyond their ornamental appeal, Enana Roja Salvia offers a wealth of benefits:

  • Attracts pollinators: These cheerful blooms are a magnet for bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects, helping to create a thriving ecosystem in your garden.
  • Culinary delights: The edible flowers and leaves of Enana Roja Salvia add a unique peppery flavor to salads, dips, and even cocktails.
  • Natural pest control: The strong aroma of these sages can help deter unwanted pests, keeping your other plants healthy and thriving.

So, why wait? Light up your garden with the fiery charm of Semilla Frito Enana Roja Salvia seeds! These versatile beauties are the perfect way to add a touch of vibrant personality and long-lasting beauty to any outdoor space.

Order your seeds today from Hello Shop Online and let the fiery fiesta begin! 

Additional Tips:

  • For optimal germination, sow seeds under glass in spring and maintain a temperature of around 18°C.
  • Once seedlings emerge, gradually acclimatize them to outdoor conditions before transplanting.
  • These prefers well-drained soil and at least 6 hours of sunlight per day.
  • Deadhead spent blooms to encourage further flowering throughout the season.

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