Shalimar Bio Cocopeat 50L

Shalimar Bio Cocopeat 

Shalimar Bio Cocopeat has the highest water retention capacity of all the other soil conditioners and is suitable for humid and dry conditions. It is processed with micro-nutrients that are retained and fed as per the need of the plant.

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Shalimar Bio Cocopeat

At Shalimar, we pride ourselves on presenting the Bio Cocopeat 50L – an unparalleled, eco-friendly growth medium designed to elevate your gardening experience. Crafted from the finest organic coconut coir, this product stands as a testament to sustainability and innovation in horticulture.

Unveiling the Benefits

Superior Water Retention

The Bio Cocopeat 50L boasts exceptional water retention properties, ensuring a consistent moisture level for your plants. This feature significantly reduces the frequency of watering, fostering healthier root systems and vibrant foliage.

Enhanced Aeration

One of its prime advantages lies in the excellent aeration it provides to plant roots. This attribute promotes robust growth by facilitating optimal oxygenation, preventing waterlogging, and minimizing the risk of root diseases.

Eco-Conscious Solution

Derived from natural coconut coir, this growth medium champions sustainability. Its biodegradable nature ensures a minimal environmental footprint, aligning perfectly with eco-conscious gardening practices.

Utilization and Essential Care Tips


  • Seed Germination: Create a nurturing environment for seeds by incorporating the Bio Cocopeat 50L into your germination process.
  • Potting Mix: Blend it with other substrates to create a well-aerated potting mix, ideal for various plant species.

Care Tips

  • Moisture Management: Maintain adequate moisture levels without overwatering.
  • Regular Fluffing: Periodically fluff the cocopeat to retain its light, porous structure, optimizing aeration.

Elevate Your Gardening

Experience the difference with Shalimar Bio Cocopeat 50L – your gateway to greener, healthier plants. Harness the power of nature’s bounty while contributing to a sustainable future. Purchase your Bio Cocopeat 50L from Hello Shop Online and embark on a journey towards flourishing gardens.

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