Summer Mat, Dry Grass Mat or Chatai 1.2×6.5m Outdoor Seating Mat, Garden Mat, Garden Privacy

Grass Mat

Handmade summer grass mat comes in medium size and it can be easily be rolled. Each grass is bind together in a zigzag manner with the help of threads. The lack of weight is one of the property which makes it easy to move or carry it to places. The threads are tied to form several knots on either side. perfect to sit outdoors and indoors to enjoy meals and cup of tea.

Elegant and simple mats are more surprisingly the basic part of your basic maintenance. Not only do they bring out the beauty of your furniture, but also keep the floor clean. Our handwoven mat is perfect for you if you have dark coloured furniture. It is also perfect for you to meditate. Floor mats are essential in meditation. This hand-knotted dry grass mat will last for a lifetime. The best part about it is that it is light enough to be regularly washed and is anti-skid.

  • Uses: Outdoor or indoor Mat, Picnic Mat, Perfect Beach Mat, Large Yoga Mat, Create shades, Wall decoration, Fence screen or Privacy screen.
  • This absorbs the sweat and never leaves an odor. It is washable and dries quickly.
  • This mat is anti skid and wipes off dust ,grit ,mud instantly by keeping floors clean.
  • 100% natural and handwoven. Grass mat is a highly sustainable.

Note: Mentioned dimensions may vary from 3-7cm.

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Handmade Summer Grass Mat


Enhance your outdoor seating experience with our meticulously crafted Summer Grass Mat. Handwoven with care, this mat brings a touch of nature to your living space while offering functionality and durability.

Material and Construction:

Crafted from natural, dry grass, our mat is intricately handwoven to perfection. Each blade of grass is skillfully bound together in a zigzag pattern using sturdy threads, ensuring longevity and stability. The lightweight design allows for easy portability, enabling you to move it effortlessly to your desired location.

Versatile Usage:

Whether you’re lounging in your garden, enjoying a picnic outdoors, or practicing yoga by the beach, our mat serves as the perfect companion. Its large dimensions (1.2×6.5m) provide ample space for various activities, while its ability to create shade makes it ideal for outdoor gatherings. Additionally, it can be used as a wall decoration or privacy screen, adding a rustic charm to any space.

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Functional Benefits:

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, our grass mat offers practical benefits. Its absorbent nature ensures sweat is quickly absorbed without leaving unpleasant odors, making it ideal for prolonged use during hot summer days. The anti-skid properties provide stability, preventing slips and falls, while the quick-drying feature facilitates easy maintenance.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable:

As a 100% natural and handwoven product, our grass mat embodies sustainability. Harvested from renewable sources, it reflects our commitment to eco-conscious living. By opting for our mat, you contribute to the preservation of the environment while enjoying its numerous benefits.

Dimensions and Care Instructions:

Please note that dimensions may vary slightly (3-7cm) due to the handmade nature of the product. To maintain its pristine condition, simply wipe off dust, grit, or mud instantly. For deeper cleaning, the mat can be washed regularly and air-dried. Its durable construction ensures longevity, promising a lifetime of enjoyment.


Experience the perfect blend of elegance and functionality with our Handmade Summer Grass Mat. Whether used indoors or outdoors, it elevates your space while offering comfort and convenience. Embrace nature’s beauty and enhance your living environment with this versatile and sustainable accessory.


120x690cm, 180x690cm, 200x690cm, 90x690cm