Heat exchanger suitable for warming the temperature of swimming pools and SPAS, thanks to the heat exchange between primary circuit (warm area) and the secondary one (cold area that we want to warm)
– Body made in alloy of titanium (secondary, swimming pool waters)
-Coils made in alloy of titanium (primary, water from boiler)
– It can be totally equipped, casing built in ABS +, Recirculation pump and Thermostat.



Code Description
41426 Waterheat TIT-20 kW
41427 Waterheat TIT-40 kW
41428 Waterheat TIT-60 kW
43506 Equipped Waterheat 20 kW
43507 Equipped Waterheat 40 kW
43508 Equipped Waterheat 60 kW
65539 Waterheat TIT-100 kW
65540 Waterheat TIT-140 kW
65541 Waterheat TIT-210 kW
71607 Waterheat EVO TIT-20 kW
71608 Waterheat EVO TIT-40 kW
71609 Waterheat EVO TIT-40 60
71610 Waterheat EVO TIT-105 kW
71611 Waterheat EVO TIT-140 kW
71612 Waterheat EVO TIT-210 kW
71613 Waterheat EVO TIT-300 kW
71614 Waterheat EVO TIT-450 kW


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