Advanta 1602 Hybrid Ridge Gourd Seeds

Advanta 1602 Hybrid Ridge Gourd

Crop Duration: 90 days
Seed Rate in Kg/ACRE: 0.600
Planting Months: Sept-March
Spacing (CM) RR – Row to Row & PP – Plant to Plant: RR150 X PP60

– Light green fruits with long ribbed surface.
– White, tender and sweet flesh.
– Fruit is 30 – 35 cm long, 3.5-4 cm diameter weighing 200 – 250gm.
– Growth habit is vine type with good branching.
– First flowering is 55 days after sowing. First harvest is 65 DAS.
– Good for long distance transportation.
– Tentative yield/acre : 8-9MT.

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Advanta 1602 Hybrid Ridge Gourd Seeds

Ridge gourds are not just a delicious addition to your culinary creations; they also pack a punch when it comes to nutrition. These versatile vegetables can be used in a variety of dishes and are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. If you’re looking to enhance your garden and elevate your diet, Advanta 1602 Hybrid Ridge Gourd Seeds are a must-try. In this article, we’ll delve into the benefits of these seeds and why they should be a part of your garden. You can purchase these amazing seeds from helloshoponline.

The Allure of Advanta 1602 Hybrid Ridge Gourd Seeds

Advanta 1602 Hybrid Ridge Gourd Seeds are renowned for their exceptional quality and impressive yields. Here’s why they stand out:

  • Outstanding Yields

These seeds are engineered for success. When you plant them in your garden, you can expect a bountiful harvest. The rich, green ridge gourds you’ll grow will be a testament to their quality.

  • Disease Resistance

One of the most significant challenges gardeners face is keeping their crops free from diseases. Advanta 1602 Hybrid Ridge Gourd Seeds come with built-in disease resistance, reducing the need for pesticides and ensuring healthy produce.

  • Nutrient-Packed Gourds

Ridge gourds are a nutritional powerhouse. They are low in calories but high in essential nutrients, including dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. By planting these seeds, you can have a fresh supply of these nutrient-rich gourds right in your backyard.

A Greener Choice for Your Garden

In a world where sustainability matters, your choice of seeds can make a difference. 1602 Hybrid Ridge Gourd Seeds not only give you a flourishing garden but also contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. Here’s how:

  • Reduced Food Miles

When you grow your ridge gourds, you eliminate the need to buy them from distant stores. This reduces the carbon footprint associated with food transportation.

  • Organic Gardening

These seeds are compatible with organic farming practices. By avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, you can contribute to a healthier environment.

  • Fresher, Healthier Meals

The gourds you harvest from your garden are free from chemical residues and are at the peak of freshness, ensuring that your meals are both delicious and nutritious.

Incorporating Seeds in Your Garden

Growing ridge gourds is a rewarding experience, and with the right approach, it can be quite simple. Here are some essential tips for a successful harvest:

  • Choose the Right Location

Ridge gourds require ample sunlight and well-drained soil. Pick a sunny spot in your garden to plant the seeds and ensure good soil quality.

  • Planting and Watering

Plant the seeds at the beginning of the growing season. Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. These gourds thrive in well-drained soil.

  • Support Your Vines

Ridge gourd vines can be quite vigorous. Provide sturdy support for them to climb and sprawl. A trellis or a fence works well.

  • Harvest at the Right Time

Ridge gourds are best when they are young and tender. Harvest them when they are about 12-15 inches in length for the best flavor and texture.


Advanta 1602 Hybrid Ridge Gourd Seeds are a fantastic addition to your garden, offering exceptional yields, disease resistance, and a nutritious harvest. By choosing these seeds, you contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle while enjoying fresher, healthier meals. So, why wait? Plant these seeds and watch your garden flourish with delicious ridge gourds. Purchase your Advanta 1602 Hybrid Ridge Gourd Seeds at helloshoponline. and embark on your journey to homegrown goodness today.

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