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Agave Americana Marginata (Variegated Century Plant) 40 – 50cm

Agave Americana

Agave americana ‘Marginata’ is know as Century plant has no stem. Its thick and massive gray-green leaves originate from a basal rosette. The leaves get up to 6′ long and 10″ wide, and have sharp spines on the margins and tips.

  • Max Height: 2m
  • Spread: 3m
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Family: Agavaceae
  • Common Name: Variegated  Century Plant
  • Flower Colour: Yellow
  • Drought Tolerance: High
  • Salinity Tolerance: Medium
  • Sun Tolerance: High
  • Wind Tolerance: High
  • Water Requirement: Low
  • PH Level: Basic
  • Pest Tolerance: High
  • Disease Tolerance: High
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • Fragrance: No


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Agave Americana Marginata (Variegated Century Plant) 

The margin spines are recurved like fishhooks and the tip spines can be more than an inch long. The flower stalk is branched, 20-40′ tall, and bears large (3-4″) yellow-green flowers. Popular cultivars are ‘Marginata’ with yellow margins on the leaves, ‘Mediopicta’ with a broad yellow band down the center of each leaf, and ‘Striata’ with stripes.

Key Features:

Distinct Appearance:

The Agave Americana Marginata stands out with its thick and massive gray-green leaves, which form a basal rosette. These leaves can reach up to an impressive 6 feet in length and 10 inches in width, featuring sharp spines along the margins and tips. The variegation adds a unique touch, with yellow margins that accentuate its beauty.

Height and Spread:

With a maximum height of 2 meters and a spread of up to 3 meters, this plant commands attention with its imposing presence, making it an ideal focal point in any outdoor setting.

Flowering Display:

In the peak of its maturity, the Agave Americana Marginata produces a stunning flower stalk that can reach heights of 20-40 feet. Adorned with large yellow-green flowers measuring 3-4 inches in diameter, it adds a touch of elegance to its surroundings.

Cultivar Varieties:

Within the Agave Americana Marginata family, several popular cultivars offer unique characteristics. Varieties such as ‘Marginata,’ ‘Mediopicta,’ and ‘Striata’ present distinctive patterns and colors, providing options to suit various aesthetic preferences.

Adaptability and Tolerance:

Resilience to Harsh Conditions:

This resilient succulent exhibits high tolerance to drought, salinity, sun exposure, and wind, making it an excellent choice for landscapes subjected to challenging environmental conditions.

Slow Growth Rate:

While its growth rate may be slow, the Agave Americana Marginata rewards patient gardeners with its enduring beauty and longevity.

Enhance Your Landscape:

Versatile Landscape Applications:

Whether you put it in a garden with mostly dry plants, as part of a desert-style landscape, or in a pot, this succulent plant adds something interesting and textured to any outdoor area.

Dimensions 40 cm