622030050-JET 30 Anti-algae 5 L

622030200-JET 30 Anti-algae 20 L

632020050-QT 20 Anti-algae 5 L

632020200-QT 20 Anti-algae 20 L

612035050-JET 35 Anti-algae 5 L

612035200-JET 35 Anti-algae 20 L 1

602010010-Algifix 1 kg

602010250-Algifix 25 kg

327000010-Algi-stop 3 1 L

327000030-Algi-stop 3 3 L

327000050-Algi-stop 3 5 L

591000050-Anti-phosphate pro 5 L



JET 30

Strong anti-algae for agitated waters.
• Non-foaming.
• clarifying effect.
Initial treatment
17 fl. oz. / 7900 gal. (1/2 L Jet 30/30 m3) of water.
Each week during the season:
8 fl. oz. / 7900 gal. (1/4 L of Jet 30/30 m3) of water.

QT 20

Prevention, fights against algae proliferation.
• Compatible with any type of filtration.
• Efficient whatever the pH of the treated water.

Initial treatment
17 fl. oz. / 7900 gal. (1/2 L QT20/20 m3) of water.
Each week during the season:
8 fl. oz. / 7900 gal. (1/4 L of QT20/20 m3) of water.


Three preventive functions + healing.
Jet 35 fight against algae, against scale and against rust stains.
• Multi functional Anti-algae, it destroys algae, taking away their food.
• Prevents lime and metals deposits.
• Non-foaming, clarifying effect, curative effect.
• Fits with any disinfectant treatment pool.

Preventive treatment before filling the pool: The pool being empty and clean, sprinkle walls with Jet 35 diluted (1/10). Insist on: skimmers, overflow drains, main drains, outlets and between tiles. If possible, leave to work one hour before filling the pool.
Maintenance treatment during the season:
17 fl. oz. / 9000 gal. (1/2 L of Jet 35/35 m3) every 15
days, as preventive maintenance.


Destroys algae and mold:
• Fast dissolving powder.
• High copper remanence algaecide.
Preventive use: 1 lb. / 2600 gal. (30 g ALGI’FIX per 10m3)
Dilute ALGI’FIX and pour the solution into the pool in front of the outlets, filtration, without any bathers.


Preventive and curative effect against resistant algae
• Effective whatever the pH
• Compatible with any type of disinfection except PHMB
• Doesn’t alter the pH of the water to be treated
Provide 8 fl. oz. / 6600 gal. (250 ml / 25m³). Repeat treatment up to once a month. In case of strong presence of algae or seaweed mustard, use the Algi stop 3 24 hours after a shock treatment or active oxygen.


Removes phosphate, thus depriving the algae of their favorite food! Compatible with any type of disinfection and all filtration equipment. Associates, as diluted with complementary treatments used in pool. Active even in case of unbalanced pH, doesn’t alter the pH of the water.

Pour ANTI-PHOSPHATE PRO directly into the pool without bathers. A quarter gal. destroys1.5 ppm of phosphate in 15.000 gal. of water. (1 L destroys 1.5 ppm) in 50 m3 of water). As a precaution, use 3 fl. oz. / 15 000 gal. weekly (0,1L/ 50 m3)to maintain the rate of phosphate lower than 0.5 ppm

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