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Cactus San Pedro

110 – 140cm overall height including pot height. This beautiful cactus comes with clay pot and tray same or similar design showed in product picture. Shape may slightly vary from showed picture. Choose shady area if keeping plant outdoor and bright area for indoors, ideally by the window. Avoid over watering this plant. Water once a week if keeping outdoor and once every two to four weeks for indoors.

Max Height: 2-4m

Spread: 3m

Origin: Ecuador and Peru

Family: Cactaceae

Common Name: San Pedro

Drought Tolerance: High

Salinity Tolerance: Low

Sun Tolerance: Medium

Wind Tolerance: Medium

Water Requirement: Low

PH Level: Basic

Pest Tolerance: High

Disease Tolerance: High

Growth Rate: Slow

Fragrance: No

AED 1,547.00

Echinopsis pachanoi

Commonly know as San Pedro. Grows in rocky, well-drained soil along the entire length of the Andes mountains, stretching from Argentina to Ecuador. A high altitude native (6000-9000 feet), this plant thrives in cold climates down to 15 degrees F. We love Echinopsis pachanoi for its ornamental uses in the garden. As a sturdy vertical design element it’s second to none, able to fit into tight spaces and growing 10-20 feet tall. A single stem will pup and branch, creating a staggered clump of fast-growing spires with a well-balanced form. Unlike other columnar cactus, San Pedro is relatively unspined, increasing its usefulness around patios and walkways, in pots and even indoors in a sunny spot.


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Dimensions 20 cm