Cestrum nocturnum “Night Queen or Night-blooming jasmine”

Cestrum nocturnum

Cestrum nocturnum or Night Queen is An evergreen shrub with night-blooming white flower clusters. As the flowers open in the evening, a lovely, bold fragrance is emitted. Likes constantly moist soil and full sun. Can tolerate some shade.

Suitable for outdoors, available in 10Ltr nursery pot with 60 – 80cm overall height.


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Cestrum nocturnum


Cestrum nocturnum, also known as Night-Blooming Jasmine, is a remarkable plant renowned for its unique nocturnal blooming habits. As the sun sets, its small, tubular white flowers open, releasing an enchanting fragrance that fills the night air. But this plant offers much more than just beauty and fragrance.

The Beauty of Night-Blooming Jasmine

The allure of Cestrum nocturnum lies in its captivating nocturnal blooms. Imagine a garden transformed by delicate, star-like flowers, glowing in the moonlight. This ethereal beauty makes it a must-have addition to any garden.

Health and Aesthetic Benefits

Beyond its aesthetic charm, Night-Blooming Jasmine offers health benefits. Its fragrance has been known to have a calming effect, promoting relaxation and better sleep. Moreover, it’s an excellent natural air purifier, making your living space fresher and healthier.

How to Care for Cestrum nocturnum

Caring for Night-Blooming Jasmine is surprisingly easy. It thrives in well-drained soil and requires regular watering. Pruning can help maintain its shape and encourage more blooms. Ensure it receives sufficient sunlight during the day for a stunning night-time display.

Where to Buy

Ready to add this enchanting plant to your garden? You can conveniently purchase Cestrum nocturnum online at Hello Shop. Their collection boasts healthy specimens that will bring the magic of night-blooming to your doorstep.


The Night-Blooming Jasmine, is a true gem in the world of plants. Its unique blooming pattern, sweet fragrance, and health benefits make it a valuable addition to any garden. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this natural wonder – buy at Hello Shop Online and embrace the beauty of the night.