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Clitoria ternatea or Butterfly Pea 60 – 80cm

Max Height: 3-6m
Spread: Indefinite
Origin: Asia
Common Name: Butterfly Pea, Asian pigeon wings, blue bell vine, blue pea, butterfly pea, Darwin pea, blue ternat
Flower Colour: Blue
Drought Tolerance: Low
Salinity Tolerance: Low
Sun Tolerance: High
Wind Tolerance: Medium
Water Requirement:Medium
PH Level: Basic
Pest Tolerance: High
Disease Tolerance: High
Growth Rate: Fast
Fragrance: No

AED 34.00


Clitoria ternatea

Clitoria ternatea, commonly known as butterfly pea, is a perennial herbaceous plant from the Fabaceae family. It has recently attracted a lot of interest as it has potential applications both in modern medicine and agriculture, and as a source of natural food colorants and antioxidants. C. ternatea has long been cultivated as a forage and fodder crop, and early studies assessed the plant for these purposes.

Clitoria ternatea (butterfly pea) has attracted significant interest based on its agricultural and medical applications, which range from use as a fodder and nitrogen fixing crop, to applications in food coloring and cosmetics, traditional medicine and as a source of an eco-friendly insecticide. The latter are potent insecticidal molecules and are implicated as the bioactive agents in a plant extract used commercially as an insecticide. The genetic origin of these peptides, which interestingly involve the co-option of an ancestral albumin gene to produce the cyclotide precursor protein. The biosynthesis step in which the cyclic peptide backbone is formed involves an asparaginyl endopeptidase, of which in C. ternatea is known as butelase-1. This enzyme is highly efficient in peptide ligation and has been the focus of many recent studies on peptide ligation and cyclization for biotechnological applications. The article concludes with some suggestions for future studies on this plant, including the need to explore possible synergies between the various peptidic and non-peptidic phytochemicals.

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