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The NEXT control and dosing device has been specifically designed for the automatic control of pH and redox levels. It can be set to control whichever of these two functionalities is required. It is the most simple control and dosing device in the market. Small in size, it has all of the components required for immediate installation.

General technical features

• Automatic pH or redox control and dosing system.

• Measurement range of 0–14 (pH) and 0–100 mV (redox).

• It comes with a full installation kit, made up of a pH or redox electrode (depending on the model), a probe holder, standard solutions, suction and blow pipes, and suction and blow pipe fittings.

• ABS casing with IP65 protection rating.

• Digital display screen for both pH and redox readings.

• Remote on-off input (230 VAC) that keeps display lit up for calibration and programming.

66156Control Basic pH 0.4 l/h NEXT SPA (pH probe included)
66157Control Basic ORP 0.4 l/h NEXT SPA (ORP probe included)
66162Control Basic pH 1.5 l/h NEXT (pH probe included)
66163Control Basic ORP 1.5 l/h NEXT (ORP probe included)
66336Control Basic pH 3 l/h NEXT (pH sensor included)
66337Control Basic ORP 3 l/h NEXT (ORP sensor included)

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