Control Basic Plus


Compact control and dosing systems
Systems to automatically control and regulate pH and Redox levels in swimming pools. Small in size, with low noise output and easy to use, these systems are designed to prevent siphon effect. Minimum maintenance, easy to install and protected against chemical splashes.
pH Basic Analyser – pH and Redox controller
Automatically controls and regulates pH and Redox levels. Includes a persitaltic pump. It is recommended that this product is used in conjunction with Astral Sel and Astral Sel Basic. Supplied without electrodes and calibration solutions. Installation kit included.

36002pH Basic – Redox Basic 1,5 l/h
36003pH Basic – Redox Basic 5 l/h
3600436004 SKU title
36004pH electrode for Optima pumps and Control Basic
57129pH/Redox Basic 1,5 l/h
57130pH/Redox Basic 5 l/h
66159Control Basic 1.5 l/h
66160Control Basic 5.0 l/h

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