DELTA 10 filter


Laminated filters in polyester with fibreglass with a maximum working pressure of 2.5 bar. Available in 650, 800, 1000 and 1200 mm diameters. It features a 1m filter bed in Delta 10 and 1.2 m in Delta 12, and is available with either collector arm or nozzle plate collector systems.

– DN 200 filter lid with quick-locking mechanism for 650 and 800 models and DN 400 bolt down lid for 1000 and 1200 models.
– DN200 lateral manhole with bolt on cover. · Filter interior left with natural resin finish.
– Methacrylate sight glass as standard on the Delta 12 model and optional on the Delta 10.
– Further sight glasses are available with both models on request.
– Internal pipe and fittings in PVC, PP and ABS.
– Pressure gauge included in filter lid.
– Gaskets in EPDM and all screw fittings in stainless steel.
– Vinylester option. In this instance, all laminate layers are manufactured from vinylester resin (and not just the top layer in contact with the water), to a maximum chemical resistance of 0.4 ppm of ozone dissolved in the water to a maximum temperature of 40ºC
COLOURS: Blue RAL 5024. Other colours available on request, subject to a minimum order of 5 filters.

Code Description
36676 Delta 10 Ø 650 mm with Lateral Arms
36677 Delta 10 Ø 800 mm with Lateral Arms
36678 Delta 10 Ø 1000 mm with Lateral Arms
36679 Delta 10 Ø 1200 mm with Lateral Arms
36684 Delta 10 Ø 650 mm with Nozzles Plate
36685 Delta 10 Ø 800 mm with Nozzles Plate
36686 Delta 10 Ø 1000 mm with lateral arms
36687 Delta 10 Ø 1200 mm with Nozzles Plate


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