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Dracaena fragrans “Massangeana”

Dracaena fragrans

Massangeana is one of the many varieties of Dracaena fragrans. Dracaena is widely used as indoor plant residential and commercial buildings in Dubai and UAE. Dracaena fragrans is native to throughout tropical Africa.


Dracaena fragrans is a slow growing shrub, mature specimens reaching 10m. Stems may reach up to 30 cm  diameter on old plants; in forest habitats they may become horizontal with erect side branches.

The leaves are glossy green, lanceolate, 20–150 cm long and 2–12 cm wide; small leaves are erect to spreading, and larger leaves usually drooping under their weight.  they are highly fragrant.  The fruit is an orange-red berry 1–2 cm diameter, containing several seeds.


  • Water when the top layer of soil is 1-2 inches dry. Touch soil with fingers to check if soil is dry.
  • Always give room temperate water.
  • Yellow leaves are indication of under watering and Brown edges of a green leaf indicate overwatering.
  • Be mindful of fluoride levels in water. Use distilled water is possible.
  • Fertilize with indoor fertilizer every 2 – 3 months


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Dracaena fragrans “Massangeana”

Are you looking to breathe new life into your living space? There’s no better way to enhance your home’s ambiance and aesthetics than by introducing a touch of nature. Plants not only purify the air but also bring a sense of tranquility and elegance to any room. If you’re in search of the perfect green companion for your home, look no further than the Dracaena Fragrans “Massangeana.” In this blog post, we’ll delve into the beauty of this remarkable plant and how you can easily bring it to your doorstep through HelloShopOnline.ae.

The Allure of Dracaena Fragrans “Massangeana”

Dracaena Fragrans, often known as the “Corn Plant” or “Mass Cane,” is a popular choice for indoor decoration. The “Massangeana” variety, in particular, is distinguished by its striking appearance. Its long, arching leaves feature a beautiful blend of green and yellow, adding a touch of tropical elegance to your space.

Why Choose Dracaena Fragrans “Massangeana”?

  • Air Purification: Dracaena Fragrans “Massangeana” is a natural air purifier, removing harmful toxins and improving indoor air quality.
  • Low Maintenance: These plants are relatively easy to care for, making them an excellent choice for beginners or those with a busy lifestyle.
  • Stylish Decor: The elegant foliage of the “Massangeana” variety complements various interior design styles, from contemporary to traditional.
  • Health Benefits: Not only do these plants look great, but they also promote relaxation and reduce stress, contributing to a healthier home environment.

Ordering Your Dracaena Fragrans “Massangeana” from HelloShopOnline.ae

Now that you’ve fallen in love with the idea of having a Dracaena Fragrans “Massangeana” in your home, it’s time to explore how to make it yours. HelloShopOnline.ae offers a wide selection of high-quality indoor plants, including the “Massangeana” variety. Here’s how you can bring this beauty to your home:

  • Visit HelloShopOnline.ae: Go to HelloShopOnline. to explore their plant collection. You’ll find the Dracaena Fragrans “Massangeana” and other amazing green companions.
  • Choose Your Plant: Browse through the available options and select the “Massangeana” variety that suits your preferences and space.
  • Place Your Order: Add the plant to your cart and complete the checkout process. HelloShopOnline.ae offers a seamless online shopping experience, ensuring your order is handled with care.
  • Delivery to Your Doorstep: Dracaena Fragrans “Massangeana” is delivered to your doorstep. It will arrive in excellent condition, ready to enhance your home.

Remember to provide your new plant with proper care, including adequate sunlight, regular watering, and occasional pruning to keep it looking its best. With HelloShopOnline.ae’s expertly sourced plants and your nurturing care, your living space will transform into a lush, inviting oasis.

Incorporating Related Entities and LSI Keywords:

  • Indoor Plants: Incorporating indoor plants into your décor improves your indoor air quality. The Dracaena Fragrans “Massangeana” is a top choice for indoor greenery.
  • Plant Care: Taking care of your indoor plants involves proper watering, light conditions, and maintenance. The “Massangeana” variety is known for being low-maintenance.
  • Home Decor: Enhancing your home’s décor with stylish and trendy elements is a growing trend. The “Massangeana” adds a touch of elegance to your interior design.
  • Air-Purifying Plants: Indoor plants that purify the air are a must-have for health-conscious homeowners. Dracaena Fragrans “Massangeana” excels at this.


Bringing nature into your home with the Dracaena Fragrans “Massangeana” from HelloShopOnline.ae is a decision you won’t regret. It’s not just a plant; it’s a breath of fresh air, a piece of art, and a symbol of your commitment to a healthier and more beautiful living environment. Visit HelloShopOnline.ae today to explore their diverse collection of indoor plants, and let the “Massangeana” variety elevate your home’s charm and well-being.

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