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Duranta repens, Duranta Gold or Golden Dew Drop 30 – 40cm

Duranta Repens

Duranta repens is Erect to spreading, bushy shrub or small tree with ovate to obovate, sparsely to boldly toothed, usually rich green leaves, to 7cm long. Axillary, pendent panicles, 10-15cm long, of small, blue, lilac-blue, purple, or white flowers, are produced mainly in summer, followed by yellow fruit, to 1cm across. Suitable for outdoors in UAE, Dubai.

  • Max Height: 3-6m
  • Spread: 2-3m
  • Origin: USA (Florida) to Brazil
  • Family: Verbenaceae
  • Common Name: Golden Dew Drop, Sky Flower, Pigeon Berry
  • Flower Colour: Blue
  • Drought Tolerance: Low
  • Salinity Tolerance: Medium
  • Sun Tolerance: Medium
  • Wind Tolerance: High
  • Water Requirement: Low
  • PH Level: Basic
  • Pest Tolerance: Medium
  • Disease Tolerance: Medium
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Fragrance: No


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Duranta repens: A Versatile Ornamental Shrub for UAE Gardens

Introduction to Duranta repens

Duranta repens, commonly known as Golden Dew Drop or Sky Flower, is a versatile shrub originating from the USA to Brazil. With its erect to spreading growth habit, it adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor space in UAE, Dubai.

Key Characteristics

Appearance and Growth

Duranta repens is characterized by its bushy form and rich green leaves, which are ovate to obovate in shape and can reach up to 7cm in length. The plant produces axillary, pendent panicles during summer, boasting small flowers ranging from blue to lilac-blue, purple, or white. These blooms are followed by yellow fruit, adding further visual interest.

Dimensions and Spread

With a maximum height of 3-6m and a spread of 2-3m, Duranta repens offers ample coverage while maintaining a manageable size for garden spaces.

Optimal Growing Conditions

Tolerance to Environmental Factors

Duranta repens exhibits medium tolerance to salinity and sun, making it suitable for UAE’s climate. It thrives in well-drained soil with a basic pH level and requires low water input, making it an ideal choice for low-maintenance landscapes.

Pest and Disease Resistance

This shrub demonstrates moderate tolerance to pests and diseases, ensuring minimal intervention for upkeep.

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Enhancing Your Landscape

Versatile Uses

Whether used as a standalone specimen, hedge, or accent plant, Duranta repens adds visual appeal to gardens, parks, and public spaces. Its fast growth rate allows for quick establishment and lush greenery.

Aromatic Qualities

While Duranta repens lacks fragrance, its vibrant flowers and foliage provide a sensory experience for any observer.


Duranta repens, also known as Duranta Gold or Golden Dew Drop, is a resilient and attractive shrub suitable for outdoor cultivation in UAE, Dubai. With its stunning appearance and adaptability to various growing conditions, it offers endless possibilities for enhancing landscapes and creating inviting outdoor spaces.