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Ficus benjamina “Weeping Fig” 35 – 50cm

Max Height: 30m
Spread: 15m
Origin: S.E. Asia, N. Australia, S.W. Pacific
Family: Moraceae
Common Name: Weeping Fig, Miniature Ficus
Drought Tolerance: Low
Salinity Tolerance: Low
Sun Tolerance: Medium
Wind Tolerance: Low
Water Requirement: Low
PH level: Basic
Pest Tolerance: High
Disease Tolerance: High
Growth Rate: Slow
Fragrance: No

AED 34.00


Ficus benjamina

Ficus Benjamina is evergreen tree or large shrub, sometimes a strangler, with slender, arching to pendent stems and ovate-elliptic, thinly leathery, glossy leaves, dark green above, lighter beneath, 5-13cm long, each tapering to a slender, twisted point. Spherical to oblong figs, 1cm long, produced in pairs, mature from green through pink or orange-red to black. ‘Variegata’ has white-splashed leaves.

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Dimensions 1.5 cm