Plumeria Obtusa “Frangipani or The Temple Tree”

Plumeria Obtusa or The Temple Tree

Plumeria obtusa, also known as “Frangipani” or “The Temple Tree,” is a robust deciduous shrub or a spreading tree with thick stems. It boasts lance-shaped green leaves, slightly wrinkled and about 30cm long. From summer to autumn, it produces white, yellow-eyed flowers, 6cm wide, in clusters at the tips of its branches.

  • Max Height: 6m
  • Spread: 4m
  • Origin: Puerto Rico, Lesser Antilles
  • Common Name: Frangipani, Plumeria
  • Flower Colour: White
  • Drought Tolerance: Low
  • Salinity Tolerance: Low
  • Sun Tolerance: High
  • Wind Tolerance: Low
  • Water Requirement: Low
  • PH Level: Basic
  • Pest Tolerance: High
  • Disease Tolerance: Medium
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • Fragrance: Yes

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Plumeria Obtusa or The Temple Tree

Plumeria Obtusa, commonly known as “Frangipani” or “The Temple Tree” stands as an emblem of beauty, grace, and symbolism in various cultures worldwide. Embracing its allure and captivating fragrance, this ornamental plant has found its way into gardens, temples, and landscapes, enchanting enthusiasts with its timeless elegance.

The Origin Story

Originating from the Caribbean, Central America, and parts of South America, the Plumeria Obtusa possesses a rich history intertwined with cultural symbolism. Revered in various societies, it is often associated with love, positivity, and spirituality, earning its place as an esteemed flora in religious ceremonies and artistic endeavors.

Exquisite Aesthetics

Admired for its stunning appearance, the Plumeria Obtusa boasts a fascinating array of colors, ranging from vibrant whites to mesmerizing shades of yellow, evoking a sense of serenity and charm. Its delicately perfumed flowers, with their star-shaped petals, exude a captivating fragrance that fills the air with tranquility and elegance.

Symbolism and Significance

The Plumeria Obtusa holds profound symbolism across different cultures. In many parts of Asia, it is revered as a symbol of immortality, eternal love, and devotion. In Hawaiian culture, it symbolizes positivity and new beginnings, often worn as leis or used in ceremonies to honor individuals.

Ideal Growing Conditions

Plumeria Obtusa flourishes in warm climates and thrives when exposed to plenty of sunlight. Well-drained soil and moderate watering contribute to its healthy growth, while occasional fertilization aids in fostering vibrant blooms.

Pruning and Maintenance

Regular pruning is essential to maintain its shape and encourage new growth. Removing dead branches and spent flowers not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also promotes healthier blooms during its flowering season.

Pest Control and Protection

Despite its resilience, the Plumeria Obtusa may encounter pests like aphids or whiteflies. Implementing preventive measures and using organic solutions can help in safeguarding this exquisite plant from potential threats.

Where to Find

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Embrace the Timeless Elegance

In conclusion, Plumeria Obtusa, revered as “Frangipani” or “The Temple Tree,” stands as a testament to nature’s splendor. Its beauty, symbolism, and graceful presence captivate hearts and minds across cultures, symbolizing love, positivity, and new beginnings. Cultivate this enchanting flora, embrace its elegance, and let it add an aura of tranquility and charm to your life.

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