Polyscias fabian or Aralia Fabian 50-70cm

70 – 90cm height in 12Ltr nursery pot.

  • Prefers moderate to bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Water when the top soil has become slightly dry. Better to keep them slightly dry than to over water.
  • Likes things warm, so anything above 15°C, ideally 18-29°C.
  • Prefers moderate to high humidity levels.
  • Feed once a month with a balanced fertilizer like NPK+TE.
  • May be considered toxic. Keep away from pets and children to be on the safe side.

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Polyscias Fabian

Polyscias are versatile, small, indoor, branching trees. They grow in an upright and compact manner, making them suitable even in smaller spaces. The large, rounded leaves grow along the full length of the branches, creating a mass of green tranquillity for your home. They are often called Dinner Plate Aralia due to their round, flat leaf shape. Polyscias translates from the Greek as “many” and “shade”, a reference to their abundant foliage.


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