Dwarf Lemon Tree 50 – 70cm


  • Transplant the miniature lemon tree into a container a couple of inches wider. Set the tree in front of a south-facing window
  • Water the miniature lemon tree when the soil is dry to the depth of 2 inches. Pour room temperature water into the top of the planter until it runs out the bottom. During hot dry summer weather, the lemon tree may need watering every day. Reduce the frequency of watering during the cool months of winter.
  • Feed the lemon tree with citrus plant food in February. Use the recommended dose on the package. Fertilizing this citrus plant can be broken into three doses by dividing the recommended dose and feeding in spring, early summer and late summer.
  • Cut off any new shoots appearing from below the graft with pruners. Remove thorns from the branches by snapping them off with pruning shears. Trim the branches back for shape and size control in the early spring.
  • Pick large garden pests off by hands. Wipe mealybugs off the leaves using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Control smaller pests like aphids with insecticidal soap.

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Dwarf Lemon Tree

Small and easy to grow, dwarf citrus trees are a great way to add fresh, tangy fruit into your life. These will reach a mature height between 3 to 6 feet tall in the ground, but you can easily pot-up and prune citrus trees and keep them manageable for small spaces like patios, and moving indoors. Citrus trees naturally love warm, humid weather, but, especially if your winters are cold, it’s recommended that you move a potted citrus tree indoors for protection. Dwarf citrus trees can produce fruit year-round, making them a valuable and delightful addition to your indoor and outdoor fruit-garden.



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