ELYO SMART heat pumps heat or cool (up to a maximum of 20 ° C) private outdoor swimming pools up to 130 m3. These environmentally friendly air-to-water heat pumps transmit energy from the outside air to the pool water.
Economical, they restore between 4 and 5 times the energy they consume. Operate down to an outside temperature of -5 ° C.
With its thermoplastic resin body on a metal frame and its protected control box, they are perfectly resistant to bad weather and UV rays. Very quiet and easy to use.
• Large evaporator with hydrophilic finish for better performance capacity.
• Axial fan.
• Defrost by cycle inversion (4-way valve).
• TOSHIBA or PANASONIC compressor depending on the model (see table of characteristics).
• Titanium heat exchanger with high pressure tube (20 bars), “twisted” larger contact surface and better efficiency in a PVC heating body.
• Full charge of R410A gas, ecological.
• Filtration control, heating priority for better comfort.
• High reliability integrated flow sensor (paddle sensor).
• Waterproof electrical box for better component protection.
• Ease of installation thanks to exterior access to electrical connections.
• Easy-to-use digital display with a programming clock.
• Remote wired display at 10m (wire supplied).
• Winter drain accessible from the outside. Surface mounting box supplied.
• Included TiltWatch, overturn indicator. The indicator on the packaging turns red, if the carton has been coated.
• Supplied with Silent-Bloc condensate drain pipe and a protective cover.
• Power available from 9 kw Mono to 28 kW Tri.

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