EMIPIPE PPR Reduced Socket DIN16962 UAE

Emipipe pipes are available in different pressure rating according to the working pressure and temperature purposes. DIN 16962 : Pipe joints and elements for PPR pressure pipes.



EMIPIPE PPR Reduced Socket DIN16962 UAE

Emipipe PPR Reduced Socket used as a concealed network inside bathrooms & kitchens.  In addition, as raisers from the roof water tanks through the shafts connected with loops above the false ceiling. Also, inside baths used as hot and cold water rings connected by pipe-in-pipe system (PEX) to the sanitary wares faucets.

PPR Reduced Socket made of Polypropylene random co-polymer Type 3 pipes and fittings used for hot and cold water supply networks, meets and exceed internationally recognized quality and dimensional specification.

  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Easy installation & maintenance
  • Low condensation and heat loss
  • Recyclable & durable
  • Smooth inner surface

Manufacture Model No_Size

  • EPRS105_110/50mm
  • EPRS106_110/60mm
  • EPRS107_110/75mm
  • EPRS109_110/90mm
  • EPRS1610_160/110mm
  • EPRS21_25/20mm
  • EPRS31_32/20mm
  • EPRS32_32/25mm
  • EPRS41_40/20mm
  • EPRS42_40/25mm
  • EPRS43_40/32mm
  • EPRS51_50/20mm
  • EPRS52_ 50/25mm
  • EPRS53_ 50/32mm
  • EPRS54_ 50/40mm
  • EPRS61_63/20mm
  • EPRS62_63/25mm
  • EPRS63_63/32mm
  • EPRS64_ 63/40mm
  • EPRS65_ 63/50mm
  • EPRS73_ 75/32mm
  • EPRS74_ 75/40mm
  • EPRS75_ 75/50mm
  • EPRS76_ 75/63mm
  • EPRS93_ 90/32mm
  • EPRS94_ 90/40mm
  • EPRS95_ 90/50mm
  • EPRS96_90/63mm
  • EPRS97_90/75mm

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110/50mm, 110/60mm, 110/75mm, 110/90mm, 160/110mm, 25/20mm, 32/20mm, 32/25mm, 40/20mm, 40/25mm, 40/32mm, 50/20mm, 50/25mm, 50/32mm, 50/40mm, 63/20mm, 63/25mm, 63/32mm, 63/40mm, 63/50mm, 75/32mm, 75/40mm, 75/50mm, 75/63mm, 90/32mm, 90/40mm, 90/50mm, 90/63mm, 90/75mm