Ficus elastica or Rubber Tree

Choose shady area of your garden to plant rubber plant.

Max Height: 30-60m

Spread: 20-60m

Origin: E. Himalayas, India, Burma, Malaya, Java

Family: Moraceae

Common Name: India Rubber Fig, India Rubber Tree, Rubber Plant

Drought Tolerance: Low

Salinity Tolerance: Low

Sun Tolerance: Medium

Wind Tolerance: Medium

Water Requirement: Medium

PH Level: Basic

Pest Tolerance: High

Disease Tolerance: Medium

Growth Rate: Fast

Fragrance: No



Ficus elastica

Ficus elastica or rubber tree is evergreen, many-branched tree with oblong to elliptic, leathery, glossy, dark green, often red-flushed leaves, 30-40cm long. Oblong yellow figs, to 1cm long, are produced in pairs or clusters on mature trees in the open.


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