Interchangeable basin equipment


Bushing, return inlet, suction nozzle, flange assembly to be installed in concrete, prefabricated and liner pools The measurements of each item make it possible to interchange them with the stainless steel sets.
The inlets can be installed in any bushing with a 1½” BSP thread. There is a flange set to install the inlets in pools with a liner.
All items mainly made in plastic (ABS), except screws and gaskets.
Each item can be assembled with the stainless steel sets. Interchangeable stainless steel/plastic codes.



Código Descripción
49754 ABS interchangeable return inlet – White
49754CL090 ABS interchangeable return inlet – Beige
49754CL129 ABS interchangeable return inlet – Light Grey
49754CL144 ABS interchangeable return inlet – Anthracite
49756 ABS interchangeable flange inlet set
49757 Interchangeable bushing inlet set ABS for threading
49758 Stainless steel interchangeable return inlet
49759 Stainless steel interchangeable suction nozzle
49761 Interchangeable bushing inlet set stainless steel for threading
49832 Interchangeable bushing inlet set ABS for gluing
52681 ABS interchangeable return inlet circular vent
72672 ABS interchangeable suction nozzle
72672CL090 ABS interchangeable suction nozzle Beige
72672CL129 ABS interchangeable suction nozzle Light Grey
72672CL144 ABS interchangeable suction nozzle Anthracite
75178 Stainless steel suction inlet for liner, 85mm
75179 Stainless steel interchangeable suction inlet for liner, 93mm

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