Intex Hose with Nut Dual

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Intex Hose & Nut Set for Pump

Every filter pump works for long periods of time to keep your pool clean and clear. Over time the hose connections may wear out and require replacing which is why it’s a good idea to have 1 or 2 extra hoses just in case.
Suitable for Intex pools that use 1 1/2″ (38mm) hoses with the integral threaded connectors at each end. Ideal replacements for existing hoses or for where other equipment need to be connected. Length: 1.5 metres (59″)

Product Detail

  • 1.5 m x 1 inch
  • White
  • 29060
  • HS Code: 9506990000
  • Brand: Intex
  • Origin: China
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Customized Intex Vacuum Hose Adapter



Intex Hose with Nut Dual

Are you looking for a reliable water flow solution that can handle a variety of tasks effortlessly? Look no further than the Intex Hose with Nut Dual. This innovative and versatile hose is designed to meet all your water-related needs, whether you’re filling up a pool, watering your garden, or cleaning your outdoor spaces. In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of the Intex Hose with Nut Dual, highlighting why it’s a must-have tool for every household.


The Intex Hose with Nut Dual is a game-changer when it comes to managing water flow efficiently. Whether you’re a homeowner, a gardener, or someone who values the convenience of a reliable hose, this product is tailored to meet your needs.

The Features of Intex Hose with Nut Dual

Convenient Dual Nut Design

Say goodbye to the frustration of leaks and inefficient connections. The Intex Hose features a dual nut design that ensures a secure and watertight connection. This design not only prevents water wastage but also saves you time and effort.

Durable and High-Quality Materials

Its sturdy construction means you won’t have to worry about kinks, cracks, or leaks, offering you a reliable solution for years to come.

Multiple Length Options

Whether you need a shorter hose for small tasks or a longer one to reach distant areas, the Intex Hose offers multiple length options to suit your requirements. No task is too big or too small with this versatile hose.

Versatility in Action

Filling up Pools and Hot Tubs

With its efficient water flow, the Intex Hose is perfect for filling up pools and hot tubs in no time. Its robust construction ensures that you can rely on it for consistent water delivery, making pool maintenance a breeze.

Watering the Garden and Lawn

Maintaining a lush garden and lawn requires proper watering. The Intex Hose provides a controlled and even water distribution, helping you keep your outdoor spaces green and healthy.

Cleaning Patios and Outdoor Furniture

Dirt, debris, and dust can accumulate on your patios and outdoor furniture. The Intex Hose’s powerful stream is excellent for cleaning surfaces, leaving them spotless and ready for use.

Easy to Store and Maintain

Compact Storage

No more struggling to find storage space for a bulky hose. The Intex Hose is designed for compact storage, ensuring it doesn’t take up unnecessary room in your garage or shed.

Low-Maintenance Requirements

Spend more time enjoying your outdoor activities and less time on maintenance. The Intex Hose requires minimal upkeep, allowing you to focus on the tasks that matter.

Where to Buy the Intex Hose with Nut Dual

Exploring helloshoponline.ae

If you’re excited to experience the convenience and versatility of the Intex Hose with Nut Dual, head over to helloshoponline.ae. This reputable online store offers a range of options to choose from, making your purchase quick and hassle-free.


Is the Intex Hose suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Absolutely! The Intex Hose is designed to excel in both indoor and outdoor settings, making it a versatile choice for various tasks.

What is the maximum water pressure that this hose can handle?

The Intex Hose is designed to handle a maximum water pressure of [X] PSI, ensuring optimal performance in various applications.

Can I connect this hose to a pressure washer?

Yes, you can easily connect the Intex Hose to a pressure washer, enhancing its capabilities for cleaning and other high-pressure tasks.

Is the hose available in different colors?

Currently, the Intex Hose with Nut Dual is available in [X] color, adding a touch of style to your outdoor chores.

How do I ensure the longevity of the hose?

To prolong the life of your Intex Hose, make sure to drain and store it properly after each use, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.