Kits : faceplate + Spotlight AC


Sets of embellishers and white light point V1 in AC:

White ABS: FlexiNiche, FlexiSlim and FlexiRapid

Full stainless steel body: FlexiNiche

Ideal for obtaining high levels of illumination or for pools with blue or white backrounds, or stainless steel pools, in the case of the FlexiNiche full in stainless steel.

The V1 version is ideal for lighting residential swimming pools.
White: 1485 lumens
Consumption power: 14,5W (20VA)

To complete the FlexiNiche or FlexiRapid solution, the niche or nozzle adapted to the type of pool must be purchased.

For FlexiSlim installed in concrete + liner pools, kit 71234 must be purchased to complete the installation (not supplied).

Code Description
71214 FlexiSlim: White faceplate + white AC spotlight
71216 FlexiRapid: White faceplate + white AC spotlight
71234 FlexiSLim Adapter for Concrete-Liner Pools
73442 FlexiNiche: Full stainless steel body + white AC Spotlight

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