Neem Shield – Herbal Pesticide/Fertilizer

Neem Oil Shield, A natural repellent, a safe pesticide and a fertilizer.

  • Rich in organic matter which provides stable growth and greenness to plants.
  • Enhance plant natural resistant power by repelling insects for laying eggs and direct feeding.
  • Harmless to non target and beneficial organisms like pollinators, money bees, mammals and other vertebrates.
  • It leaves no toxic elements and hence can be safely used on fruits, vegetables and other food crops to achieve more toxin free and better quality yield.

DIRECTION OF USE: Neem shield can be used with 10-15 days interval on all kind of plants in gardens, nurseries and green houses.

Note : Keep away from children and store in cool and dark place.



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Neem Sheild

Neem Shield has a broad spectrum of active action against more than 200 species of pests viz. Caterpillars, Beetles, Hoppers, Borers, Thrips, Flies, Aphids, Mites and many more. It is harmless to non target and beneficial organisms like pollinators, money bees etc.

Neem shield is herbal based liquid fertilizer which provides plant nutrients and also provides a natural shield and immunity against pests and diseases. Neem shield being insect repellent natural gum fertilizer, mix with soil or planting medium provides a natural sheild from insects besides supplementing nutrients.


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