Niche for fast-coupled RAPID projectors. It allows changing the lamp with ease as the back allows to pick up a considerable length of cable. It can be adjusted to the thickness of the gunite. It consists of a tube in the front that can be cut after shooting the pool and a circular area in the rear area that allows you to wind the cable. The niche gland is accessible from the circular tube of the frontal zone.

Code Description
27084 Inlet for liner prefabricated pools with 1 1/2’’ thread
35418 Inlet for concrete pools with 1 1/2’’ threaded Ø63 PN-6 piping
35421 Inlet for concrete pools with 1 1/2’’ threaded Ø63 PN-10 piping
38805 Inlet for polyester prefabricated pools
53956 Fast assembly RAPID niches Concrete pools
59983 Niche Prefabricated pools Liner
60229 RAPID 3.13 Inox Niche for pool liner
62395 Adapters LP mini/rapid connection/ ØA 2 Tube Ø63 PN-10/ØA 3 Tube Ø63 PN-6/ØA 3,5 Concrete Pools

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