TAUNUS filter


New coil filter for public pools, specially designed for the most demanding markets. It has a 1.2 metre fi ltration bed. In accordance with DIN 19605 and DIN 19643 regulations. · Design standards According to the European Directive for Pressure Vessels 97/23/CE, the pressure vessels, have to be designed and manufactured according to the standard procedures in order to ensure a safe use. In order to design the pressure vessels, three world recognized standards have been taken into consideration. These standards specify the calculation method of the vessel, the raw materials requisites, and the essays to be performed to the materials, prototypes and products. Each pressure vessel with no exception, once it is fi nished and before expedition, is submitted to a hydraulic pressure tests of 1 1/2 times the maximum working pressure. Once the pressure essay is passed, our quality inspectors verify the accomplishment of all the technical specifi cations of the product.

· AIR RELIEF – DN 50 Flanged. Glass reinforced vinylester with 1/2” thareathed and 0,3 mm sloted lateral
· UPPER MANHOLE – DN400, centred in models 1050, 1200, 1400 and displaced on the rest
· CENTRED MANHOLE – material glass reinforced vinylester
· DISPLACED MANHOLE – material glass reinforced vinylester
· FUNNEL – from 1050 to 2000 diameter 360 in PVC, rest diameter 600 in glass reinforced polyester
· INLET/OUTLET since DN 150 – glass reinforced vinylester with PVC heart double welded
· INLET/OUTLET from DN 175 – glass reinforced vinylester with PVC heart double welded
· SIGHTGLASS – glass reinforced vinylester with PVC heart double welded DN 125
· SIDE MANHOLE – material glass reinforced vinylester
· INLET/OUTLET PIPES – PVC + glass reinforced vinylester
· AIR BACKWASH CONNECTION – d. 140 Glass reinforced vinylester with PVC Core double welded
· HAND ACCES UNDER NOZZLE PLATE AND INSPECTION – It is possible throught the d. 140 air backwash inlet
· 3/4” WATER DRAIN – uniblock vall valve
· INSIDE COATING – vinylester transparent gelcoat approved by LVHT
· LINER RESIN – vinylester · BOBBIN WOUND RESIN – vinylester
· EXTERNAL COATING – min 400 microns coating, you can wash with water, soft surface
· DOCUMENTATION – Pressure test certificate. Guarantee. CE Certificate. Operating manual. Handling manual. Check list Drawing and dimensions of all models. ISO 9001 Certificate. LVHT certificates Information about layers and cosntruction materials and design. Chemical resistance Chart.

Code Description
42056 TAUNUS filter Ø 1050 mm
42057 TAUNUS filter Ø 1200 mm
42058 TAUNUS filter Ø 1400 mm
42059 TAUNUS filter Ø 1600 mm
42060 TAUNUS filter Ø 1800 mm
42061 TAUNUS filter Ø 2000 mm
42062 TAUNUS filter Ø 2350 mm

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