Either heats or chills the water depending on the needs.
·Compact design model in aluminium for outdoor installation, resistant to corrosive environments.
·Evaporating battery (air-water exchanger) built with copper tubing which includes tempered aluminium fins specially designed for corrosive surroundings.
·Axial fan.
·Reciprocating compressor or scroll.
·Titanium condensers.
·Filled with gas Freon R407C with low ecological impact.
·A cooling circuit made of heavy wall copper tubing, processed to repel rust.
·Low and High Pressure (LP/HP) mini-pressure switches with manual reset.
·Expansion valve with pressure equaliser.
·Dehydrating fi lter.
·Hydraulic circuit with flow switch at the water inlet, solvent socket connections in PVC. Standard connections are in metric system. Other standards could also be available by request.
·Electrical control panel for complete process control and digital high-sensitivity regulation to guarantee optimum performance with minimum power consumption at all times.
·II/230V/50Hz – III/400V/50Hz depending on the model. Available in other electrical configurations, voltages and frequencies by request.

Code Description
45694 Optima 7 Chiller
45696 Optima 15 Chiller

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